Call for Papers - Special Issue of Planning Theory on Ideology and Planning

Published at: 2 August 2017

Planning Theory journal has launched a call for papers for a special issue on ideology and planning.
Edited by Edward Shepherd, Andy Inch and Tim Marshall, this special issue starts from the premise that the significant analytical potential of the concept of ideology for planning thinking can only be realised if its role is brought to the fore of analysis.
However, ideology has rarely been subject to sustained critical reflection within planning and there have been very few attempts to provide an overview of this terrain or to identify potential new directions for scholarship.
The call invites contributions exploring the intersections of planning thought and practice with various approaches to ideology, seeking to bring together a range of papers that use the concept to cast light on different facets of the complex relationships between planning, politics and society.
The abstracts can be send to Edward Shepherd ( by the 20th of October, 2017.
More information on this call can be found in the attached document.