AESOP News of 2011


Published at: 26 December 2011

From Cities of To-morrow to a Tomorrow for Cities
The Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) and the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) have launched a joint activity within the framework of the Decade of Planning: a series of lectures in 2012-2013 by well-known planners and other ‘urban thinkers’, both academics and practitioners. The idea is to attract not only the planning community but also a wider audience of politicians, community leaders and organizations, business and the media to promote planning as a discipline that can contribute to the quality of life, help find new tools of governance of the urban structures and function as an effective mediator between the many stakeholders.

AESOP Expert Pool Nominations

Published at: 9 July 2011

Council of Representatives decided to extend deadline for nominating candidates to the AESOP Expert Pool til 30 September 2011.

AESOP New Charter to be discussed in Tirana!

Published at: 23 March 2011

During the CoRep meeting that will take place together with the Tirana Head of School meeting (6-8 May 2011), a new updated version of the AESOP Charter will be discussed!

Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning, Volume IV

Published at: 19 January 2011

Special offer for AESOP Members!

Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning, Volume IV has just come out.

AESOP Schools are offered VERY SPECIAL price of 40 Euro (or for UK Schools 34 GBP). Please notice that full price is 112 Euro (or 95 GBP).

We would like to get your order before 20th February 2011.