Dr Stefania Ragozino

Department of Architecture (University of Palermo)

Stefania Ragozino was born in Naples, Italy, in 1984. She holds a degree in Architecture (2010) and a doctoral degree in Evaluation Methods for Integrated Conservation, Recovery, Maintenance and Management of Architectural, Urban and Environmental Heritage which she received at the University of Naples Federico II (2016). At the National Research Council of Italy CNR – Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development IRISS, Naples (IT), she first worked as Research Fellow (2013-2017) and now as Researcher. She participates at the Institute’s activities as well as at the University of Naples Federico II ones and holds scientific responsibility for projects, agreements and workgroups. She occupies roles at national and international level of membership of scientific and organizing committees; mentorship and tutoring at workshops; keynote, co-chair, moderator and invited discussant at public events; besides, she is author of lectio magistralis at foreign research institutions and guest editor of special issue. She develops research activities within panel ERC SH2 (2020), SH2_9 Urban, regional and rural studies in which she focuses on gender issue, public spaces, culture-led regeneration processes and territorial balancing. She developed research fieldworks in historical centers, deprived and marginalized contexts, as well as waterfront and protected marine areas by combining mixed-methods of Case Sudy approach, Community Engagement with a focus on Action Research, Stakeholders Analysis and Social Impact Evaluation. She develops refereeing activities for international journals and conferences (TRIA, BDC, Sustainability and others edited from MDPI, Urbani Izziv, ISHT - New Metropolitan Perspectives 2014-2016-2018-2020 edition) and is an accredited Publons (Clarivate Analytics) referee since 2017. She carried out teaching activities at the University of Naples Federico II. She is an active member of the AESOP Thematic Group “Public Space and Urban Culture”, where she works in the self-organized management network as Responsible for Research Affairs and as of March 2021, she is in the role of Main Coordinator. She is also one of the Co-coordinators of the Group “Aree interne e dintorni” within the Società Italiana degli Urbanisti (SIU). She took part in national and international projects, co-organized and was invited to national and international conferences, produced contributions for national and international journal and books, and worked as a reviewer for national and international conferences and journals. She wrote more than 40 scientific contributions in Italian and English, among which papers (in Urbani Izziv/Urban Challenge Journal, TRIA - Territori della Ricerca su Insediamenti e Ambiente International Journal of Urban Planning, BDC, Aestimum, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences – Elsevier, Advanced Engineering Forum, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Urbanistica Informazioni, Tracce Urbane Rivista Italiana Transdisciplinare di Studi Urbani, plaNext – next generation planning), essays (with Routledge, La scuola di Pitagora editrice, Peter Lang, Planum publisher, Editoriale Scientifica) and one monograph (Albano edition). Her publication are indexed and cited in Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar developing an H-INDEX 5 (GOOGLE SCHOLAR); 4 (WEB OF SCIENCE); 2 (SCOPUS).


Dr Stefania Ragozino
Via Guglielmo Sanfelice 8
80134 Naples

Telephone+39 339 7126897
Personal web pagehttps://www.iriss.cnr.it/en/people/stefania-ragozino/
Dr Stefania Ragozino