Associate Professor, Dr. phil. Sabine Knierbein

Faculty of Planning and Architecture (Vienna University of Technology)

Sabine Knierbein was born in Lippetal, Germany, in 1977. Having passed her A-levels in 1997, she realized an apprenticeship as landscape gardener before she started to study landscape architecture in 1999. She holds a degree in landscape architecture (2004) and a doctoral degree in European Urban Studies which she received at Bauhaus University Weimar (2009). At TU Wien, Austria, she first worked as PostDoc Assistant (2008-2013), then as Assistant Professor (2013-2016) and now as Associate Professor for Urban Culture and Public Space (since 2016) at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. There, she also directs the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space ( since 2008. Sabine has published in German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and has worked in Germany, England, Brazil and Argentina before she settled in Austria. Sabine currently holds a Visiting Professorship Position in Urban Political Geography at the Laboratorio di Geografia Sociale (LAGeS,, Dipartimento di Storia, Archeologia, Geografia e Spettacolo at the Università degli Studi di Firenze in Italy (April-June 2020). Her research interests include urban studies, updated Critiques of Everyday Life and of Lived Space, open, civic and collective innovation. Her particular field of expertise focuses on local and community aspects of global urban restructuring and urban societies' incentives to resist to, to alter and to overcome structural change. Sabine is a founding member of AESOP's Thematic Group for Public Spaces and Urban Cultures (AESOP TG PSUC). She is co-editor of "Public Space and the Challenges of Urban Transformation in Europe" (with Ali Madanipour and Aglaée Degros in 2014), "Public Space and Relational Perspectives: New challenges for Architecture and Planning" (with Chiara Tornaghi) and "City Unsilenced. Public Space and Urban Resistance in the Age of Shrinking Democracy" (with Jeff Hou, in 2017) and "Public Space Unbound. Urban Emancipation and the Post-Political Condition (with Tihomir Viderman, March 2018), all with Routledge.


Associate Professor, Dr. phil. Sabine Knierbein
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Associate Professor, Dr. phil. Sabine Knierbein