Prof. Dr. Richard Sliuzas

Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) (University of Twente)

Ricghard's research interests and activities are focused around the use of geo-spatial technologies in spatial planning for sustainable urban development. Issues related to urban informality and urban poverty alleviation and the relationship between spatial planning and disasters play an important role in his work. He is currently coordinator of AESOP's Resilience and Risks Management Strategies thematic group. Richard is supervising PhD research on spatial planning, sustainable urban development and, disaster risk reduction. The foci of these studies are: slum mapping methods with very high-resolution satellite and UAV images; planning support systems for urban resettlement in Kigali, Rwanda; flood risk perception in Kampala, Uganda; urban growth and flood modelling in Kampala and Kigali; global level gridded population estimation from remote sensing; human settlement dynamics in Assiut Governorate, Egypt.
He has supervised PhD’s working on disasters and urban spatial planning issues in Lalitpur, Nepal and Medellin, Colombia; participatory spatial planning tools in Tripoli, Lebanon; spatial planning and surface water management in Wuhan, China; Economic cluster development in Beijing, China and Urban village development in Shenzhen, China, slum mapping in Ahmedabad and Kisumu, slum upgrading and governance in Ahmedabad, land use and transport integration in Hanoi and Wuhan, social-ecological resilience in Rafsanjan, Iran.


Prof. Dr. Richard Sliuzas
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Prof. Dr. Richard Sliuzas