Dr Pablo Elinbaum

Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planing (International University of Catalonia)

Main research topics:

1. Innovation of spatial planning as a device for linking planning system’s levels. I focus on how spatial strategies and policies relate to each planning level, and how these levels –and scales– interrelate as a claim for a unitary territorial project. I’m also studying how the idea of scale is developed as a context for the description of the territory, but also for the instrumental performance, considering the territorial project as an ‘exercise of realism’. To this end I’m currently studying the case of autonomous regions, such as Catalonia and Flanders, as ideal sized territorial laboratories.

2. Innovation and specificity of supra-local urban plans for ordering and managing urban areas. I focus on how a new generation of ‘intermediate plans’ re-define the territorial scale of ‘the local’ and ‘the regional’ and, implicitly, the idea of city and its governance. To this end, I rely on a multiple case study of four recent plurimunicipal plans referred to different European cultural models (Spanish, French, English and Belgian). I claim that intermediate design and ad-hoc governance instruments allow rearranging a meaningful scale for “the local”, overcoming tacit and static levels of planning systems.


Dr Pablo Elinbaum
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Dr Pablo Elinbaum