Professor Mike Raco

The Bartlett School of Planning (University College London)

• Privatisation and the Governance of Infrastructure Delivery: I have worked on a range of projects looking at the relationships between state privatisation, the provision of urban infrastructure and systems of regulation and democratic participation. This includes research on: the geographies of the Private Finance Initiative in the UK; the emergence of a London development model in the wake of the successes of the London Olympics 2012; the impacts of privatisation on the practices of local government and other state bodies; and the globalisation of regulatory structures to facilitate privatisation and what this means for public policy agendas and democratic control.

• Planning for Diversity: I am currently leading a team at UCL that is working on an €6.5million, 4-year EU-funded project named DIVERCITIES. The project is exploring the governance and management of diversity polices in London and comparing them to other cities in the EU and in Canada. My work is primarily based on the London case and I am leading a team of researchers who are examining: the ways in which thinking about diversity influences urban policy in the city; the challenges that growing diversity poses for policy makers and the delivery of welfare services and infrastructure; some of the effects that diversity and demographic growth have on citizens, entrepreneurialism, and the built environment; and some of the wider opportunities that diversity raises for the competitiveness of European cities.

• Urban Sustainability Planning and Resilience: I have also worked on a range of projects looking at the sustainability and resilience of cities, principally in East Asia and Europe. This includes: research in Taiwan and Hong Kong that looked at the politics of economic resilience planning and sustainable urban development; on-going projects on the development of London on the effects of large-scale urban projects on the city’s economy and population; and urban development and sustainability projects in multiple cities.


Professor Mike Raco
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