Ph.D. Town Planner Lucia Martinez-Quintana

Art, City and Territory Department Section of Town Planning (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University)

Graduated in 2008 and began lecturing at the School of Architecture in the University of Las Palmas and researching in the field of Territorial Analysis in the section of Urban Development.
The first professional work, then, had to do with Plans of Use and Management of Protected Nature Areas with the local authorities, working with experimental projects in these Reserves.
Once the PhD was achived, moved on a stable basis into lecturing at the School of Architecture, focussing on Territorial Planning and Urban Development Projects.
The research group led by Professor Eduardo Cáceres “Territorial Organisation and Responsible Tourism” (OTTR), and the affiliation to the “Instituto Universitario de Turismo y Desarrollo Sostenible “ (TIDES ), have allowed for her to work in an interdisciplinary team to achive greater levels of professionalism in her research.
Her research work is framed, first and foremost, within "Architecture and Urban Phenomenology in Peripheral Territories" , work that she has developed with teams at l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette (France), Universidad degli Utudi di Salermo (Italiy), la Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa (Portugal) and with la Escuela técnica superior de arquitectura de Valladolid.
Recently, she has been heavily involved in the Project” Inter-University Cooperation for Sustainable Tourism between Cape Verde, Mauritania, Senegal and the Canary Islands",under the European Programme for Institutional Strengtheneing of Universities in the Canary Islands and Africa (Senegal-Mauritania-Cape Verde): SEMACA". EU Funding ERDF. European Programme of Transnational Cooperation Madeira-Azores-The Canary Islands (MAC 2007-2013)
Her main focus then is on urban sustainability, above all urban tourism developments, given the importance of tourism to the North-West coast of Africa and the archipelagos in the Atlantic.


Ph.D. Town Planner Lucia Martinez-Quintana
Campus Universitario de Tafira Alta.
35017 Las Palmas

Ph.D. Town Planner Lucia Martinez-Quintana