Prof. Dr. Ir.-Arch. Jan Schreurs

Department of Architecture (KU Leuven)

Jan Schreurs graduated as engineer-architect and as urban planner. He is associate professor at K.U.Leuven university (Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning), and professor at Sint-Lucas (College of Art and Architecture in Brussels and Ghent). He teaches Planning Theory, Urban Design Theory, Spatial Analysis and Typology. His research interests are grounded in the will to enhance the spatial qualities of man-made environments. His main areas of concentration have always been Place Studies and Typology-morphology Studies, related to creativity in and innovation by analysis and design. More particularly he engaged into the role of metaphors, density, typology and design concepts for public spaces and buildings. Ten years of practice as director of Physical Planning of the Leuven university and a degree in Real Estate added a strong sense of reality to his research motivations. Consequently, bridging gaps between theory and practice have always been a central pedagogical concern.
Recent projects include PRAKtijk (meaning ‘Coastal Public Space and Architecture - for practice’), SP2SP (Spatial Planning to Strategic Projects), coaching of urban renewal projects for Flemish Urban Policy (Regieteam Stedenbeleid), Criteria-analysis for spatial quality on industrial/trading estates, SPINDUS (research into spatial quality from a transdisciplinary perspective).


Prof. Dr. Ir.-Arch. Jan Schreurs
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