Prof. Dr. Arnold van der Valk

Group Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning (Wageningen University)

Arnold van der Valk (1953) is now emeritus professor of land use planning. He holds Msc degrees in human geography and urban and regional planning (with honour). His PhD thesis (1989, with distinction) “Amsterdam in the Making” covers plan making and operational decision making in the process of city extension in Amsterdam in the 19th century. He was appointed associate professor in spatial planning in the Amsterdam University spatial planning department in 1991. There he got involved in the urban research program. In 2002 he took up 0.8 (full time equivalent) professorship in land use planning in Wageningen. He is predominantly active in national research programs in the domains of landscape preservation, spatial planning and heritage management. He has published books and papers in international journals. He has served as a director of the Wageningen Landscape Centre in the initial phase in 2003 and 2004. He has initiated a reform of the Wageningen curriculum for landscape architecture and spatial planning, creating a stronger focus on heritage and landscape education. After his retirement in 2017 he continues teaching and conducting research at Wageningen University and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Studies (AMS). In 2009 he co-founded the AESOP Sustainable Food Planning thematic group.


Prof. Dr. Arnold van der Valk
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Prof. Dr. Arnold van der Valk