European Spatial Research and Policy (ESR&P) – new issue on The Re-Production of Peripherality in Central and Eastern Europe

Published at: 26 February 2018

European Spatial Research and Policy (ESR&P)

New issue on The Re-Production of Peripherality in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Erika Nagy, Judit Timár

ESR&P in an international open access journal indexed in SciVerse Scopus and ESCI Web of Science, concerned with the problems of social and economic space organisation at a local, regional and supranational level.

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Vol. 24, iss. 2 content:

Erika NAGY, Judit TIMÁR - Foreword Zsuzsanna PÓSFAI, Gábor NAGY - Crisis and the Reproduction of Core-Periphery Relations on the Hungarian Housing Market Aura MOLDOVAN - Peripherialisation as a Result and Driving Force of Territorial Mobility in Post-Socialist Romania Bianka PLÜSCHKE-ALTOF - The Question of Responsibility: (De)Peripheralising Rural Spaces in Post-Socialist Estonia Sebastian SCHULZ - The Discursive Construction of Innovation Policy in Peripheralising Estonia Stefan TELLE - Euroregions as Soft Spaces: Between Consolidation and Transformation Marek BARWIŃSKI - Borderland of Nations, Religions and Cultures – the Case of Podlasie Dominika HOŁUJ - Public Spaces and Cultural Heritage in Community Projects – the Example of Warsaw Jolanta JAKÓBCZYK-GRYSZKIEWICZ, Martyna SZTYBEL-BOBEREK, Anita WOLANIUK - Post-Socialist Gentrification Processes in Polish Cities Katarina VILINOVÁ, Gabriela REPASKÁ, Matej VOJTEK, Alena DUBCOVÁ - *Spatio-Temporal Differentiation of Cancer Incidence in Slovakia