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Town Planning Review - Open Call for Papers

Published at: 11 December 2017

Planning and the New Urban Agenda: TPR 2020 initiative

Publication schedule
It is planned to publish papers accepted under the ‘Planning and the New Urban Agenda: TPR 2020 initiative’ over a five year period running across Volumes 89 to 93 of the Journal (2018-2022).

Call for article: Tema - Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment

Published at: 29 November 2017

Tema - Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment

Call for papers: TeMA vol. 11 (2018) The Resilience City/The Fragile City. Methods, tools and best practices.

The fragile/resilience city represents a topic that collects itself all the issues related to the urban risks and referred to the different impacts that an urban system has to face with. Studies useful to improve the urban conditions of resilience (physical, environmental, economical, social) are particularly welcome. Main topics to consider could be issues of water, soil, energy, etc.. The identification of urban fragilities could represent a new first step in order to develop and to propose methodological and operative innovations for the planning and the management of the urban and territorial transformations.

Call for papers: Urban Space and the Body

Published at: 6 November 2017

CALL for PAPERS: Annali d’italianistica, Volume 37, Year 2019

Urban Space and the Body

Guest-editors: Silvia Ross (University College Cork) and Giulio Giovannoni (Università degli Studi di Firenze)