Professor of Regional Design and Planning, TU Delft

Published at: 3 August 2018

The Professor of Regional Design and Planning will maintain and strengthen the high reputation of TU Delft in research and teaching on ‘integrated urbanism’ particularly at the metropolitan scale. Regional design and planning is a wide field within which the Professor will concentrate on the use of the designerly approach of ‘envisioning’, employing spatial representations and mapping. In particular, the Professor will contribute to developing regional and metropolitan designs and to disseminating knowledge on regional design and planning methodology, on regional design and planning oriented methods of analysis, and on how regional design and planning can steer the political agenda of metropolitan regions. And today’s metropolitan agenda presents major interdisciplinary societal challenges, in (i) quality of life and metropolitan vitality; (ii) local, regional and (inter)national connectivity; and (iii) resilience and circularity. The Professor will undertake research on the metropolitan region delimited by Paris, London, Cologne and Amsterdam, and compare spatial development and regional design practices in north-west Europe with those in other parts of the world where TU Delft has research underway, particularly in Asia and America.

The Professor will collaborate with Delft colleagues and the Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen (EFL) Foundation to create a five-year agenda for research in regional design and planning. The Professor is expected to build and lead teams that will make large-scale national, international and interdisciplinary collaborative research funding proposals, which combine design, social science and engineering components. This role involves extensive collaboration with other disciplines in Delft University of Technology and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions’ (AMS) network of academic, societal and industrial partners. The Professor is expected to appoint PhD candidates with external funding to enlarge critical mass in the research field. The Professor will be given the opportunity to develop a proposal for a post-doc position sponsored by AMS. The Professor will take a leading role in publication, leading by example, and stimulating and supporting colleagues’ publications and grant proposals.

The Professor will work with Delft colleagues to strengthen links between the regional and metropolitan design and planning research agenda with education in curriculum development, courses and studios. The Professor will help to develop teaching methods which link design, planning, research and practice. This will include blended learning approaches which are a priority for the Department.

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