Professor of Delta Urbanism, TU Delft

Published at: 3 August 2018

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft invites applications for the post of Professor of Delta Urbanism. This is a new position in a field where the University has built a strong reputation, particularly through the work of former Professor Han Meyer in the Department of Urbanism, with support from the inter-faculty initiative Deltas, Infrastructures and Mobility. The post offers a unique opportunity for an outstanding candidate to develop research and education that addresses the urgent challenge to create more sustainable, and resilient deltas respecting the critical relations between urbanization, flood defence, water management, agriculture and ecosystems.

TU Delft has for many years played a central part in the drainage, security and spatial design of the Dutch Delta , for example in the Zuiderzeewerkeni (1891) and the Delta Program (1956). Today TU Delft has a leading role investigating and advising on delta conditions around the world. The Professor will strengthen this work taking an integrated approach combining urban and economic planning and design, hydraulic engineering and environmental planning. The professor will be able to explain and promote the paradigm shifts in delta urbanism from ‘fighting against water’ to ‘building-with nature’; and from top-down design and planning to more indicative and inclusive approaches.

The Professor will work across the Faculty and University drawing on the extensive capacities in urban design, spatial planning, hydraulic engineering and environmental sciences. The challenge is to refine and develop practicable and theoretically informed design-methods that are able to deal with uncertainty and adaptation, linking short-term interventions with long-term strategies. At the heart of the task is the mutual relations between research, education and professional practice. Thus, candidates may be currently engaged in professional practice but with experience of the opportunities and demands of the academic environment including teaching and PhD level research, or they may be academics with a strong interest and experience in professional practice at the international scale.

The Professor will bring an international and cross-cultural perspective to bear on the subject but with awareness of the Dutch approach to urbanism and its relevance in other cultural settings. All professors play a critical role in academic leadership and management, and contribute to the very effective cross-disciplinary collaboration that is a hallmark of the Department.

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