Professor/Associate Professor of Urban Design Theory and Methods, TU Delft

Published at: 3 August 2018

The professor/associate professor of Urban Design Theory and Methods will build on a strong track record of research, education and outreach in urban design within urbanism. The professor/associate professor will lead the academic work of the urban design section. This will entail management of the urban design staff, coaching and team building, acting as principal investigator for external funding bids and providing support on publication across the whole spectrum of media. She or he will ensure continuity in the investigation of existing research and education themes that are successful, but we also welcome an injection of new ideas and topics that reflect current challenges in urban design for both research and education. The professor/associate professor will bring an international and cross-cultural perspective to bear on the subject.

The professor/associate professor will play an important role in linking research with curriculum development and teaching at bachelor, master’s and post-master levels. She or he will be expected to maintain and strengthen collaboration with professional practice and societal partners internationally and in the Netherlands; to grow postgraduate research through the recruitment and supervision of PhD candidates; and to play a key role in the overall leadership and management of the Department. In all these tasks, the professor/associate professor will contribute to the very effective cross-disciplinary collaboration that is a hallmark of the Department.

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