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AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 17

Published at: 18 September 2019

Due to strike action in France this Lecture Series has been cancelled.

AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 17

Bruno Latour, Professor Emeritus, Sciences Po; Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, the Associate Provost for Academic Planning at UCLA; Robert Beauregard, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University; Yvonne Rydin, Professor of Planning at the Bartlett School, UCL. 


Cities on earth: the politics and design of spatial development face to the new climate regime

Hosted by Sciences Po, Paris
5 December 2019, 13h45 - 18hr15 -  50 ans du Master de Sciences Po Cycle d'Urbanisme

Presentation by M. Cremaschi, director Cycle d'Urbanisme and Patrick Le Galès, Dean, Urban School, Sciences Po. 

AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 13

Published at: 17 October 2018

AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 13

Simin Davoudi

New Frontiers for Spatial Planning in Times of Uncertainty: Dealing with Climate Change and Environmental Risks

Hosted by POLIS University of Tirana, Albania
1st November 2018, 17h00 - 20h00
Hotel Tirana International, "Teuta"Hall

AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 11

Published at: 13 January 2017

AESOP Lecture Series / Lecture 11

Shipra Narang Suri and Maroš Finka

New Urban Agenda: global perspective and local interpretation

20th January 2017, Bratislava