AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting, 7-9 March 2014

Published at: 9 October 2013


Planning connecting academia and local communities in a rapidly changing Europe


7-9 MARCH 2014

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Venue: IST-Alameda Campus, Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1; 1049-001 Lisbon
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AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting is an annual forum for planning education. AESOP is happy to welcome delegates from our member schools, whether they are heads of the schools or any key persons designated by the schools, to discuss main problems and challenges for planning education across Europe.

In 2014 we would like to discuss two inter-related topics.

First, we would like to invite AESOP community to discuss new role of planning education in relation to the local communities.
The main question here is how to strengthen planning in 'our' places (universities, professional environment, communities, local authorities, etc). This raises the issue of strengthening position of planning schools beyond an academia to the community-based programmes. One of the main features might be also the problem of engaging students in their community development. The other interesting question is what planners can actually deliver?

(1) Research by Design introduced by Jan Schreurs and moderated by Pantelis Skayannis
(2) Research in Action: What Planners Can Deliver? introduced by Martijn de Bruijn (European Commission) and moderated by Diogo Mateus and
(3) Qualification of the Courses - towards European accreditation? introduced by Maros Finka and moderated by Francesco Lo Piccolo

Secondly, mobility and European dimension of planning profession are new challenges for planning and planners across Europe. This requires new approach to planning education. Shall we aim at European accreditation of the courses? What is the role of AESOP in this process? Can we re-define the role of the AESOP Experts Pool? What instruments we would need to facilitate both mobility and European dimension of planning? Is AESOP Digital Platform essential for these developments?

Three debating groups will be working on following issues:
Digital Platform – Towards Local and European Databases of Knowledge introduced by MOOC & Lab Representatives and moderated by Gert de Roo
(2) Planning with Communities introduced by Camilla Perrone and moderated by Claire Colomb (tbc), and
(3) Planners on the Move, Courses on the Move Towards Europeization of the Profession? introduced by Stefanie Duhr and moderatedby Jean-Michel Roux

This year we would like to initiate more intense debate rather than develop 'little conference' with its speeches and long presentations. Therefore there is no 'keynote speech' planned – this will be replaced with plenary debate moderated by the President and will follow two brief introductions – one from European perspective and the second from local point of view. These introductions are supposed to set up the scene for the discussion:

Henk van der Kamp (Dublin Institute of Technology, ECTP-CEU President) European dimension of planners – European dimension of programmes
Fernando Nunes da Silva  (University of Lisbon): Southern schools of planning – crisis or chances?

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7th March 2014 (Friday):
Morning & Afternoon: AESOP Council of Representatives Meeting (for members of the CoRep)

19:30: Welcome Reception
at the Museum of the City, Campo Grande (directions)

          Museu da Cidade, Campo Grande 245, 1700-091 Lisboa

8th March 2014 (Saturday):
AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting

9th March 2014 (Sunday):

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