Second European Urban Summer School in Lisbon

Published at: 14 May 2011

The second EUSS (2011) is going to take place in Lisbon, Portugal and involve more partners. AESOP invited ECTP-CEU and IFHP to join the event along with ISOCARP and EURA. Representatives of each organization will be present in the EUSS2011 Committee and they offered their tutors and organizational help.

EUSS 2011 theme: Quality of Space – Quality of Life

EUSS 2011 will explore the definition and meaning of quality of urban space and its relation to the quality of life. Analysing carefully selected cases EUSS 2011 would like to ask numerous questions: do they lack quality? what is quality itself? how it does relate to urban space? what is essential about quality of urban space? are there components increasing quality of space? what kind of mechanism affect quality of space?

But description and analysis are not only EUSS 2011 goal. They help with understanding but they do not deliver the answer. 
EUSS 2011 would like also to look for the methods for evaluation, monitoring and improving quality of urban space. EUSS 2011 would like to compose the guidelines for assessment quality of urban space and comprising the set of tools for refining it. 
EUSS 2011 would like to offer a solution not only ask the question.

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Online application process and detailes of the event will be available soon.
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