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International Summer School

Published at: 23 January 2017

Social Innovation in Urban and Regional Development International summer school: 30 August to 2 September 2017 in Vienna, Austria THE PROGRAMME...

Pre AESOP one day Seminar

Published at: 23 January 2017

Transformative Knowledge for an era of Planetary Urbanization? Questioning the role of social sciences and humanities from an interdisciplinary...

MAPS LED research project

Published at: 9 September 2016

Full message: http://www.salford.ac.uk/built-environment/research/postgraduate-research/phd-opportunities/maps-led-research-project 
Opportunity for supporting field work in the USA for SoBE PhD students on the MAPS LED research project  

The School of the Built Environment (SoBE) at the University of Salford is offering financial support to PhD students in order to allow them to carry out field work in the USA (Boston, Massachusetts, San Diego, California) associated with theMultidisciplinary Approach to Planning of Specialization Strategies (S3) to enhance Local Economic Development (MAPS-LED) research programme (for further details click here) .

PhD students can either be already enrolled in a SoBE PhD programme for no longer than 1 year as at 1st April 2017, or in the process of applying for a position as a PhD student at the SoBE through the ordinary process, latest entry point 1st October 2016. Guidance on how to apply can be found here

Priority in the selection of successful candidates will be given to new applicants, provided that the research topic meets the requirements of this call.  

AESOP Young Academics


The AESOP YA network is an AESOP working group in particular addressed at planners who have only recently entered the academic world: PhD students, postdocs, people starting in academic positions. The activities of the AESOP YA network are complementary to other activities that are being deployed within AESOP as a whole.

Make AESOP a challenging environment for young academics

Form a network of young academics within AESOP

Initiate activities for young academics

Make the AESOP congress more attractive for young academics

Open up the structure of AESOP to better encourage young academic involvement

Ensure that attention is paid to the particular wishes and needs of young academics in the activities of AESOP

Use the opportunities offered by the Internet to make the organization more accessible and interactive, and to disseminate useful information.

The YA Network is organized by a Coordination Team (CT) of five elected members. One person from the CT represents the YA network in the AESOP Executive Committee.

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plaNext–Next Generation Planning is an international peer-reviewed open access e-journal.

The young academics network of AESOP founded plaNext to provide prospective authors an opportunity to engage their ideas in international planning debates as well as make their research available to the wider planning audience.