Executive Committee (ExCo)

AESOP Executive Committee operates with delegated powers on behalf of the Council of National Representatives (CoRep) and is subject to its authority. The Committee meets at least twice a year to secure the aims of the AESOP Charter and to implement the policies of AESOP as expressed in the General Assembly or by the Council of Representatives.

Representing the Association and managing its current affairs in between meetings of the Executive is delegated to the President and the Secretary General.

Prof. Ela Babalik Sutcliffe

AESOP Representative in GPEAN

Prof. Ela Babalik Sutcliffe
Middle East Technical University, Department of City and Regional Planning (Middle East Technical University)

Middle East Technical University, Department of City and Regional Planning
06531 Ankara

Anaïs De Keijser

Young Academics Network Representative

Anaïs De Keijser
Faculty of Architecture (Darmstadt University of Technology)

El-Lissitzkystr. 1
64287 Darmstadt

(accepted by the Council of Representatives on 12th July 2015 in Prague)

AESOP Secretaries General:

David Massey (1987-1989)

Anthony Ramsey (1989-1991)

Richard Williams (1991-1993)

Myriam Jansen-Verbeke (1993-1995)

Goran Cars (1995-1998)

Angela Hull (1998-2002)

Gert de Roo (2002-2007)

Anna Geppert (2007-2011)

Izabela Mironowicz (2011-2015)

Paulo Pinho (current)

AESOP Presidents

Klaus Kunzmann (1987-1990)

Louis Albrecht (1990-1992)

Giorgio Piccinato (1992-1994)

Patsy Healey (1994-1996)

Marcel Bazin (1996-1998)

Tadeusz Markowski (1998-2000)

Hans Mastop (2000-2002)

Alessandro Balducci (2002-2004)

Simin Davoudi (2004-2006)

Peter Ache (2006-2008)

Wilem Salet (2008-2010)

Kristina L. Nilsson (2010-2012)

Gert de Roo (2012-2014)

Francesco Lo Piccolo (2014-2016)

Anna Geppert (current)

Joana   SG Assistant

    Joana Bailão
    Faculty of Engineering,
    University of Porto,
    Rua Dr. Roberto Frias,
    4200-465 Porto