Quality Recognition

Quality Recognition

AESOP Quality Recognition

AESOP's mission is Promoting Excellence in Planning Education and Research. By quality recognition, we understand making the best of the plurality and diversity of approaches of our schools, in a process based on the cooperation between our schools. Consequently, the AESOP quality recognition, has not a competitive ‘ranking list’ approach.

AESOP Certificate of Quality

  • An AESOP Certificate of Quality will be awarded to single programmes (i.e. undergraduate and graduate) that fulfil the European standards of quality for planning education recognised by the AESOP charter and supplemented by an effective internationalisation of the teaching (see enclosed AESOP Core Requirements for a High Quality European Planning Education i.e. AESOP core curriculum).
  • The AESOP Certificate of Quality will be accompanied by a Quality Recognition report, highlighting the specialisation and the distinctiveness of the planning programme.

The Path towards Quality Recognition
  • The application and the procedure is based on single programmes’ recognition initiated by the AESOP school members on voluntary basis.
  • The characteristics, aims and scope remain those already discussed and approved, also considering the valuable feedbacks during the work of the pilot phase (refer to Madrid HoS report).
  • Each application will be evaluated by members of the Excellence in Education Board (EEB) assigned by the EEB Chair.
  • The AESOP quality recognition itself will be displayed on the AESOP website to promote a proactive and cooperative process of collective improvement of the quality in planning education among the AESOP member schools.
  • The AESOP Certificate of Quality will be valid for a period of 6 years (2018-2024).

First round of evaluations (2019)
  • A total of 8 QR applications were submitted in the first call for applications (Fall 2018).
  • An EEB working group held an evaluation meeting in Porto (February 2019).
  • The 1st round of evaluations is currently taking place from February to May 2019.
  • After the evaluation process, the programmes that fulfilled the requisites will obtain the AESOP Certificate of Quality and the Quality Recognition report - valid until 2025.

‘Standardisation’ of AESOP Quality Recognition Process
  • The EEB is developing the 'standard criteria' for quality recognition, which will be used as a benchmark against which planning programmes will be evaluated starting from the 2nd round of QR applications by mid-2019. 

Daniel Galland
Chair of AESOP EEB

Ljubljana, Slovenia
28 March 2019

QR Contact Information

+ Daniel Galland
Chair of AESOP EEB

+ Joana Bailão
AESOP QR Secretariat

Email: qr@aesop-planning.eu

Quality ReCognition