Quality Recognition

Scope and objectives

AESOP's mission is Promoting Excellence in Planning Education and Research. By quality recognition, we understand making the best of the plurality and diversity of approaches of our schools, in a process based on the cooperation between our schools. Consequently, the AESOP quality recognition, has not a competitive ‘ranking list’ approach.

The AESOP QR is awarded to single programmes (eg. BA or Msc) that fulfill the European standards of quality of planning education recognized by the AESOP charter and complemented by an effective internationalization of the teaching. It is valid for a period of time of 6 years.

The application and participation is on a voluntary base for every AESOP member, but not compulsory

The Pilot Phase

A working group was established in 2014 for launcing the Pilot Phase of the QR project, whose members are: Francesco Lo Piccolo, Maros Finka, Anna Geppert and Kristina Nilsson.

AESOP members participated to the pilot phase on a voluntary base. Good geographic distribution was ensured, with the involvement of AESOP national representatives. Applications of about twenty universities (for a total of 26 programmes), covering most of the geographical areas (namely Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chech Rep., Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK), were delivered.

The assessment ended in 2016 (see List of QR Certificates in the Pilot Phase)

The Standard Phase

Due to the positive feedbacks of the CoRep members, we are now moving from the pilot to the standard phase of the Quality Recognition Project. The application and the procedure are going to be arranged continuously based on the single programs recognition, initiated by the AESOP school members on voluntary base.

Characteristics, aims and scope remain those already discussed and approved, also considering the valuable feedbacks during the work of the pilot phase.

In addition to the issued written certificate awarded for the respective program, a synthesis of the information included in the application form and the recognition itself will be displayed on the AESOP web, in order to promote a proactive and cooperative process of collective improvement of the quality in planning education among the AESOP member schools.
Each Application will be evaluated by three members of the Excellence in Education Board.

How to apply?

Full and Associate members can apply here:

Apply to AESOP QRP

Please use one application form for each programme to be evaluated.