AESOP’s online platform for high standard publications on spatial planning


What is InPlanning? 


InPlanning is the AESOP online platform for high standard publications on spatial planning. InPlanning is a user friendly platform that provides a digital means of knowledge sharing. AESOP’s InPlanning is therefore a tool supporting scholars, students and schools in exploring the world of spatial planning. 

InPlanning is where you can find e-books, e-theses, (open access) e-articles, e-journals and e-lectures (video-docs, MOOC's) about spatial planning. InPlanning is maintained by and the responsibility of the Planning community. Therefore its products are free of charge or marginally priced.

High Standard

InPlanning is multi lingual. It aims to support Schools in Spatial Planning with sharing both local and global information. AESOP’s InPlanning is addressing generic debates and specific activities, in English and in any other European language.

Editorial board

With an editorial board every country or ‘language’ region can organize itself within InPlanning. For example the Planning schools of the Netherlands meet various times a year considering titles for publication and to provide for the peer review of Dutch InPlanning publications.

The editorial boards assure a high (academic) standard. Participating countries and regions will have a representative in the InPlanning General Editorial Board. This Board will guarantee the high quality and continuous innovation of AESOP’s InPlanning digital platform: both books and journal papers.                                      

Why InPlanning?                           

InPlanning takes the lead to e-publishing books, magazines, journals and videos on Spatial Planning. Reading and studying can be made a lot easier and smarter on a digital platform. Documentaries and lecture videos are very well accessible by using tablets. The InPlanning app offers a range of extra features, such as taking and sharing notes, enriched interactive content and searching through your library and individual e-publications. The technique allows the setup of learning communities. And interactive sharing of ideas, comments and thoughts regarding a publication is within reach.

Supporting transformation in lecturing

InPlanning is in support of transformations which are on-going in lecturing and in lecturing programmes: Flipping the Classroom, MOOCs, Serious Gaming, Digital Quizzes, Animations, Pin Games, digital examining, and so forth. The various tools and means are being brought together to be used in class in an integrated way.

Great source of information for students                        

InPlanning assures the possibility of integrating sources of knowledge in the easiest way. Students can purchase a combined set of information, from an individual book to a selection of papers or videos. The structure of the Dutch pilot is being explained in two languages (Dutch and English) on the website. This site includes the individual schools, their courses and the sources of information these require. Also school or country related journals (two Dutch journals are made available already on the site and through the app!) are being presented, including their editorial boards. 

This way students and others using the InPlanning platform will have a great source of information from which they can get a full package of material on particular topics, which could relate to an immediate course, both free available (In Planning portal website) and purchased through the InPlanning app store (in app purchase) at the lowest possible costs.                 

More information                                                    

Website and email: Download the flyer.

How it works

InPlanning portal website

InPlanning offers two ways of information sharing. One is via the InPlanning portal website, which contains material free of charge (open access). Various Spatial Planning organizations and European agencies, such as ESOPN, ECTP-CEU and EU’s DG Regio and Urban Affairs will make their essential documents and reports freely available through InPlanning. You can read the publications in the InPlanning online reader on your laptop, desktop or mobile device, or in the InPlanning app on your tablet. 

InPlanning app

The other way is low cost protected publishing via the InPlanning App, which offers enriched digital books and journals which can only be used on tablet in the InPlanning app Reader. The eBooks are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and cannot be duplicated. The InPlanning app Reader allows readers to underline text, to address Google, Wikipedia and such from within the text, to write notes in between the text, and allows you to send email messages to others – this is a means to organize learning communities around the text that is being read. These books and journals can be purchased for a marginal amount via the InPlanning webshop or in-app-shop. (in app purchase).                

App for Apple and Android

To use InPlanning on your tablet, you will need to download the free InPlanning app on your tablet. With the app you can purchase, read and save your e-books, e-magazines and e-journals. There is an app for iPad- and also for Android-tablets. Klick on the App button to connect to your preferred app-version.                                     

Purchase via app or webshop                                                                  

You can purchase e-books, e-magazines and e-journals via the app, but also in the InPlanning webshop. Purchasing via the webshop can be useful if you don’t have an Apple or Google Play account, for which you need a credit card. You can use PayPal to purchase via the InPlanning webshop. To use the shop you need to register.         

User account

Before using the In Planning app you need tot register and create a user account. This free account can be created from within the app. Your account gives you access to e-books, e-magazines, e-journals and your own files in the InPlanning app on your tablet.


Young Academics Booklets Series

The AESOP Young Academics Booklet Series address crucial issues in an inviting and explanatory way, allowing the reader to easily engage with the issue at stake. The series will evolve towards an essential library containing issues, discussions, arguments and proposals relevant to the discipline. The booklets are all carefully put together and reviewed by scholars digging deep to elaborate on the essence of the issue at stake. The booklets aim to share these elaborations with everyone having an interest in the discipline of planning.

The AESOP Young Academics Booklet Series comprises three categories. The Series A booklets seek to capture important philosophical, theoretical and conceptual ideas and understandings that have been influential to the planning discipline, its paradigms and theoretical reasoning, including the scholar or scholars that are acknowledged to having been the major drive behind these concepts. Series B embraces those scholars within the discipline of planning acknowledged to have been of major influence to planning debates. Series C aims to focus on those practices considered as successful examples of planning, which can be considered best practices and are of value as appreciated illustrations and arguments within the academic debate on planning.

First AESOP Young Academics ebook on Deleuze and Guattari

In this e-publication by Aesop in collaboration with Young Academics network, Jean Hillier is in conversation with Gareth Abrahams. Together they are exploring foundations for planning theory.

This e-publication includes 2 videomessages by Jean Hillier. Find more on the website.

Publications to come

The second AESOP Young Academic booklet will be on the work of Andeas Faludi who is honorary member of AESOP and one of the pillars from which Planning Theory has been evolving already several decades.

Open access journals

Two journals are being set up, one YA and one on the basis of best track papers and Thematic Groups. The YA journal has start up funding, The other one hasn't: this is to be discussed at the forthcoming meeting.

PhD theses publishing through InPlanning

In November 2014 the first PhD thesis will become available within the InPlanning environment!

MOOC - InPlanning

A MOOC on Planning Theory is being set up to becoming available half 2015.


More information on InPlanning and its publications can be found on the website:

General Editorial Board

For more information regarding the In Planning organisation and editorial system, please contact the InPlanning General Editorial Board, by name of its

Editor in Chief: prof.dr. Gert de Roo

The InPlanning General Editorial Board consists of:

Prof Cammilla Perrone (representing Italy)

Prof Paolo Silva (representing Portugal)

Prof Ela Babalik Sutcliff (representing Turkey

Prof Andreas Voigt (representing German language zone)

Prof Leonie Janssen Jansen (representing The Netherlands)

Prof Mervi Ilmonen (representing Finland)

Prof Tijana Dabovic (representing Serbia)

Technical Team

For technical questions and support please contact the In Planning Technical Team: or visit the website.