AESOP aims to achieve its goals through the organization of an heterogeneous set of events:
  • AESOP Annual Congress, focussing on European, national, regional and local spatial planning issues;
  • Annual AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting, discussing planning education and curricula related issues;
  • Annual AESOP PhD Workshop, usually preceeding the annual congress and fostering interaction and learning among Ph.D. Candidates focussing on planning related issues;
  • European Urban Summer School, aiming to bring together young professionals and experienced academics and practitioners from across Europe to discuss relevant planning issues.
  • AESOP-IFHP Lecture Series to find possible answers to present-day and emerging challenges that face planning and planners as a modern discipline in a new role in our contemporary complex and dynamic society. And celebrate AESOP Silver Jubilee (2012) and IFHP Centenary (2013).

AESOP Congress 2015 in Prague

Published at: 16 January 2015

Dear AESOP Community

This is the last day of the abstract submission to our Congress DEFINITE SPACE - FUZZY RESPONSIBILITY which will take place on 13-16 July 2015 in the magic city of Prague.

The keynote speeches will take place in the historic Bethlehem Chapel, cultural monument, where Master Jan Hus, then Rector of the Charles University, was (also) lecturing. 

You can submit your abstract to one of 19 tracks

Do not forget that this is also last moment to apply for organising exciting roundtable.

The submission will be closed on 19-January-2015 (23:59 CET).

Do not be late! We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague.

2014 AESOP PHD WORKSHOP: Uylenburg, Delft REPORT

Published at: 20 November 2014

34 PhD students of different universities from all over the world participated in the AESOP PhD workshop held in Uylenburg, near Delft, from the 5th to the 8th of July 2014.

2013 AESOP PhD Workshop in Belfast REPORT

Published at: 19 November 2014

2013 AESOP PhD Workshop in Belfast REPORT
by Ender Peker, University of Reading 

2013 AESOP PhD Workshop took place in the Metro Arts Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland from the 10th to the 13th of July 2013. The workshop was jointly organized by AESOP, the AESOP Young Academics Network, ACSP and the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin.


AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series - Lecture 8 Report

Published at: 17 November 2014

AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series / Lecture 8:  


Peter Batey and Sławomir Gzell 

(Re)Discovering Modernity in Town Planning;... the Never Ending Story?

Video available now.

Acknowledgment to Warsaw University of Technology

Published at: 8 November 2014

 AESOP and ERSA communities are greatly indebted to the Warsaw  University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture for hosting the Series of Lectures "(Re)Discovering Modernity in Town Planning;... the Never Ending Story?" within the framework AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series.


2015 AESOP PhD Workshop

Published at: 2 November 2014

The 2015 AESOP PhD workshop is going to be organised by SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU and Institute of Management of Slovak University of...

AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series

Published at: 15 October 2014

AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series / Lecture 8:  


Peter Batey and Sławomir Gzell 

(Re)Discovering Modernity in Town Planning;... the Never Ending Story?


7th November 2014, 12:00

Warsaw University of Technology

Acknowledgments to the University Francois Rebelais in Tours

Published at: 7 September 2014

to the

Ecole Polytechnique de l'Université Francois Rebelais de Tours - Département Aménagement (EPU-DA)

the remarkable work in organising the European Urban Summer School 2014
: 'Heritage Conservation & Urban Sustainable Development'
Our special word of gratitude goes to

Laura VERDELLI - Head of EUSS 2014
Farinaz FALAKI - Coordinator of EUSS 2013
Abdelillah HAMDOUCH - Head of the Département Aménagement (EPU-DA).

We would also like to thank the city of Tours.

Acknowledgment to Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology

Published at: 15 July 2014

Association of European Schools of Planning would like to thank UTRECHT UNIVERSITY and DELFT UNIVERISTY OF TECHNOLOGY and express our gratitude for the organization of the AESOP Congress 2014 (9th - 12th July 2014) FROM CONTROL TO CO-EVOLUTION. The team from Utrecht and Delft  has shown tremendous dedication to the task and remarkable reliability.