AESOP aims to achieve its goals through the organization of an heterogeneous set of events:
  • AESOP Annual Congress, focussing on European, national, regional and local spatial planning issues;
  • Annual AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting, discussing planning education and curricula related issues;
  • Annual AESOP PhD Workshop, usually preceeding the annual congress and fostering interaction and learning among Ph.D. Candidates focussing on planning related issues
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2016 AESOP PHD WORKSHOP: Leuven, Belgium

Published at: 30 November 2016

The 2016 AESOP PhD Workshop was organized by KU Leuven – Department of Architecture and the University of Antwerp – Department of Design Sciences and Department of Social Sciences.

2017 AESOP Congress in Lisbon

Published at: 9 November 2016

The 2017 AESOP Congress will take place in Lisbon, from 11 to 14 of July.

The planning and urban minded communities are invited to join efforts under the flag of the next congress topic –

SPACES OF DIALOG FOR PLACES OF DIGNITY: Fostering the European Dimension of Planning



The abstract submission new deadline is 30th January 2017.

7th AESOP European Urban Summer School 2016

Published at: 1 July 2016

New Approaches to Urban Housing

7th AESOP European Urban Summer School
ISOCARP Young Planning Professionals National Workshop
1st edition of the Gdynia Urban School

19-24 June 2016

Acknowledgment to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Published at: 31 March 2016

AESOP would like to thank Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Spatial Planning and Development Engineering and express our gratitude for the organization of the 11th AESOP Heads of Schools Back to Agora: European Values and Planning Education.

2015 AESOP PHD WORKSHOP: Stara Lesna, Slovakia

Published at: 30 November 2015

The workshop was jointly organised by SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU and Institute of Management of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, AESOP and AESOP Young Academics and it was held from Monday 6th to Saturday 11th July 2015.

Report AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series / Lecture 9

Published at: 9 November 2015

Report AESOP-ERSA Lecture Series / Lecture 9:

Klaus R. Kunzmann, Bénédicte Le Ray and Anne Brisset, Katarina Bačić and Ivana Rašić Bakarić

Creative industries' click with the economy… City slickers?

The Lecture 9 Report is already available here