AESOP PhD Workshop

PhD Workshop is an annual event for 30-40 PhD students from AESOP member schools exclusively. Guided by high level academic tutors, they share research ideas, findings and concerns in an informal atmosphere.

AESOP PhD Workshop is linked to the AESOP Annual Congress. It is usually organised just before the Congress. Students invited to attend PhD Workshop can enjoy complimentary registration to the Congress.

Recently more than 100 applications are submitted. The selection is made on the basis of the scientific quality of the application and relevance to the topic of the PhD Workshop.

2014 AESOP PHD WORKSHOP: Uylenburg, Delft REPORT

Published at: 20 November 2014

34 PhD students of different universities from all over the world participated in the AESOP PhD workshop held in Uylenburg, near Delft, from the 5th to the 8th of July 2014.

2013 AESOP PhD Workshop in Belfast REPORT

Published at: 19 November 2014

2013 AESOP PhD Workshop in Belfast REPORT
by Ender Peker, University of Reading 

2013 AESOP PhD Workshop took place in the Metro Arts Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland from the 10th to the 13th of July 2013. The workshop was jointly organized by AESOP, the AESOP Young Academics Network, ACSP and the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin.


2015 AESOP PhD Workshop

Published at: 2 November 2014

The 2015 AESOP PhD workshop is going to be organised by SPECTRA Centre of Excellence of the EU and Institute of Management of Slovak University of...

2014 AESOP PhD Workshop

Published at: 19 May 2014

The annual PhD workshop is an event, organised under the auspices of the annual AESOP congress. The PhD workshop normally comprises...

AESOP PhD Workshop 2012: 6-12 July 2012, Izmir

Published at: 7 January 2012

The workshop will take place in Izmir, Turkey from 6 to 9 July, 2012, and will be carried out in conjunction with the 26th AESOP Congress to be held in Ankara, Turkey from 11 to 15 July, 2012.

As 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of AESOP, the Workshop will also feature special activities to celebrate the occasion, and will serve as a platform for the launch of discussions on how to enhance the relationship between AESOP and the AESOP Young Academics Network, a debate which will be addressed further during the Ankara Congress.


List of AESOP Ph.D. Workshops

1993 - Lodz, Poland (AESOP Summer School for Doctoral Students and Young Academics)

1994 - Istanbul, Turkey (AESOP Summer School for Doctoral Students and Young Academics)

1995 - Glasgow, UK (AESOP Summer School for Doctoral Students and Young Academics)

1996 - ?

1997 - Nijmegen, the Netherlands

1998 - Aveiro, Portugal

1999 - Finse/Bergen, Norway

2000 - Brno, Czech Republic

2001 - Lodz, Poland

2002 - Volos, Greece

2003 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2004 - Aix en Provence, France

2005 - Wien, Austria

2006 - Bristol, UK

2007 - Paestum/Naples, Italy

2008 - Jotunheimen National Park, Norway

2009 - Manchester, UK

2010 - Seili Island, Finland

2011 - Kostelec nad Czernymi Lesy, Czech Republic

2012 - Izmir, Turkey

2013 - Belfast, Ireland

2014 - Deft, Netherlands

2015 - High Tatra, Slovakia