AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting

The Heads of Schools (HoS) Meeting is an annual forum for planning education, usually held in Spring (March- April), where AESOP is happy to welcome delegates from its member schools, whether they are Heads of the Schools or any key persons designated by them, to discuss main problems and challenges for planning education across Europe.

Past HoS Meetings addressed topics such as Professional Recognition for Planners in Europe (Leuven, 2007); Quality Assesment and Accreditation in Planning Education (Łódź, 2009); Planning Between Sovereignty, Interdisciplinarity, and Loss of Identity? (Lille, 2009), Planning Education and Practice (Istanbul, 2010).

In 2011, the meeting in Tirana faced the question of knowledge exchange in Planning, while touching the issue of research, innovation, mobility and creativity. In 2012, in Oslo, AESOP tried to find an answer on how to manage planning schools in times of crisis, while in 2013, in Gdańsk, we discussed Smart Teaching: Innovative Steps Towards 21st Century Spatial Developments. In 2014, in Lisbon, the topic addressed was Planning connecting academia and local communities in a rapidly changing Europe. The 10th HoS Meeting and Plaza for Excellence in Teaching held in Madrid, in 2015, focused on Enhancing International Cooperation in a Connected and Divided World. Hosted by the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki received in 2016 the 11th HoS Meeting with the topic Back to Agora: European Values and Planning Education.

The Warsaw University of Technology
hotsed this year's 12th HoS Meeting, which will focus on the topic of PLANNING EDUCATION IN A DIGITAL WORLD (Warsaw, 31 March to 02 April 2017).

In 2018, the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University, will be hosting the 13th Heads of Schools Meeting with the theme "Planning Education & Research: Retrospect and Prospect (Newscastle upon Tyne, 18 to 21 April 2018).

PLANNING EDUCATION is the AESOP Journal which addresses contemporary issues and challenges for teaching  and training in the field of planning in Europe. The following issues are available to be downloaded:
PLANNING EDUCATION No 1: Towards a European recognition for the Planning profession
PLANNING EDUCATION No 2: Quality Issues in a changing European Higher Education Area
PLANNING EDUCATION No 3: Excellence in Planning Education: Local, European & Global Perspective also available to be read online.

2013 AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting, 12-14 April, Gdansk

Published at: 6 January 2013

2013 AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting will take place on 12-14 April in Gdansk, Poland.

Smart Teaching
Innovative Steps Towards 21st Century Spatial Developments

Please notice that Council of Representatives meeting will take place on 12 April 2012.

Please register to the event here.

AESOP Heads of Schools Meeting in Tirana

Published at: 13 May 2011

AESOP wishes to express word of gratitude to POLIS Univeristy and Local Organizing Comittee for hosting AESOP Council of Representatives and Heads of Schools Meetings in May 2011.
We were absolutely delighted by the hospitality and organization skills of the POLIS University and LOC . We had a great time in Tirana!
We are deeply indebted especially to Besnik Aliaj, Sotir Dhamo, Dritan Shutina and, last but not least, Elona Karafili.

List of AESOP Heads of Schools Meetings

2006 - Bratislava (Slovakia), 17-18 March

2007 - Leuven (Belgium), 14 April

2008 - Lodz (Poland), 29-30 March

2009 - Lille (France), 27-28 March

2010 - Istanbul (Turkey), 17-18 April

2011 - Tirana (Albania), 7-8 May

2012 - Oslo (Norway), 5-6 May

2013 - Gdańsk (Poland), 12-14 April

2014 - Lisbon (Portugal), 7-9 March

2015 - Madrid (Spain), 12-14 March

2016 - Thessaloniki (Greece), 10-12 March

2017 - Warsaw (Poland), 31 March - 02 April