AEKOM Project

AESOP is pleased to announce the launch of the consultation concerning its new Knowledge Management and Sharing Platform, AEKOM!

Each of us, within our planning schools’ activities, at a certain moment, spends too much time in finding a specific paper or document or information. Relief is our gain when we manage to work through a publication procedure. Hosting a conference is an aim sometimes postponed because we lack a comfortable roadmap… Such tasks and responsibilities of the AESOP community often feel like a burden. But housekeeping should be an art!

In April 2018 the Council of Representatives (CoRep) voted to initiate the AEKOM-project. AEKOM aims to enhance and foster a better management of the broad body of knowledge existing and growing within AESOP. With AEKOM our network will be reinforced with a wealth of knowledge and with the potential to maximize publication reach, knowledge transfer, and time and fund saving structures, for current and future AESOP generations.

Its leading idea is that all AESOP members, projects, and events will at least be able to benefit of the following services:

• Journal Management System (JMS): enables the efficient management of the entire workflow from online submission to publication and indexing. Additionally it also ensures an international and widespread distribution of publications. This has been an initiative of the Transactions Editorial Committee (in communication with AESOP Young Academics’ Journal PlaNext) and it will be incorporated in AEKOM.

• Conference Management System (CMS): supports the management of the entire life cycle of an AESOP event, (i.e. Congress, Heads of School Meeting, PhD Workshop) and the associated processes (i.e. agenda management, submission of abstracts and papers, reviewing process, registration and payment, scheduling, etc.).

• Institutional Repository (IR): digital archive of all AESOP content, published and unpublished, including journals, e-books, lecture notes, presentations, videos, territorial and planning data, reports, audio files, marketing material, how-to guides (budgeting, make announcements, organize a conference, etc.), material from AESOP events.

Essential data, information, knowledge and reflections about planning, often remain confined within individual school boundaries or single event cycles. Imagine how valuable it would be if these would be accessible to the broader AESOP community, and thus to you. Think about which kind of archive would help (new) members and event hosts to build on existing material rather than having to reinvent the wheel. Find out effective but simple ways of collecting and (re)distributing existing content relevant for the AESOP-community.

Through a participatory process, AEKOM will address these imaginaries. A general but concise questionnaire, which will be used for subsequent and in depth interviews will bring AEKOM in line with your AESOP-related needs and aims. This process has now started its first stage of consultation.

Your feedback and input will make AEKOM a better tool for everyone. We thus invite you to participate in our critical consultation phase by filling in the following questionnaire.

Best regards,

The AEKOM Working Group


+ AEKOM Working Group:

Camilla Perrone
Alex Deffner
Michele Campagna
Paulo Silva
Tijana Dabovic

Anaïs De Keijser
Jan Schreurs

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