3rd cycle post-graduate courses OPEN - Architecture and Landscape Representation

Published at: 8 October 2020

3rd cycle post-graduate courses OPEN - Architecture and Landscape Representation

OPEN is a post graduate master course founded by Prof. Francesco R. Ghio and directed by Prof. Maria Grazia Cianci that aims to train individuals into interdisciplinary and multidimensional skills regarding the design of open space, especially in the urban environment, increasingly central to the culture of the project and mandatory for the definition of the quality of the habitat.

OPEN offers the theoretical and applicative tools necessary for: - recognize, understand and interpret the physical-spatial, natural and anthropic characteristics of the landscape and the urban structure, in relation to the historical and territorial context; - have mastery of the historical, critical and technical tools necessary to properly address the discipline of Landscape Architecture; - designing open spaces suitable for the complexity of the contemporary imagination - according to the different uses and figurativeness of the spaces - and the needs of protection and qualification of historical and environmental values; - design public and private gardens, paying particular attention to the historical stratification of landscapes and archaeological areas as a palimpsest on which lays traces and signs to be decoded, and to the environmental dynamics.

More specifically, the OPEN Master Course offers skills related to: - reading of the historical stratification of landscapes and urban structures, in relation to the environmental and territorial context - knowledge of the history of garden and landscape architecture - knowledge of the elements for landscape design - awareness of trends in contemporary landscape architecture - competence in the design of parks and urban public spaces

OPEN is divided into three parts that are intertwined with each other: the first two - OPEN Lessons and OPEN Talks - have a theoretical-critical approach; on the other hand, OPEN workshop has an applicative nature.

OPEN Lessons are thematic seminars, each of which is organized in a series of lessons that take place for the entire duration of the course and are dedicated to the basic topics of the design of urban open spaces.

OPEN Talks are the OPEN conferences by renowned Italian and foreign experts, which solicit students on some key themes of contemporary culture on the open space project.

OPEN Workshops are intensive design labs, which explore specific topics of diagnosis and transformation of open spaces, coordinated by renowned Italian and foreign designers.

STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE The Course is divided into two modules: The first module (February-October 2021) is dedicated to lessons, thematic seminars, conferences, workshops and site visits. The second module (October 2021 – January 2022) is dedicated to the preparation of the final thesis or project work. This final thesis may have a theoretical character, as a scientific and critical report on topics related to the discipline of landscape architecture. The form and contents of the thesis will be decided along with the teaching staff.

It is also possible to follow single seminars and workshops, receiving a Certificate of Attendance relating to the disciplines and credits accrued: • Elements of landscape design - theory and technique, 1 credits. • Landscape and open space architecture - history and criticism, 2 credits • Landscape representation - observe / recognize / interpret / represent, 5 credits • Landscape photography - theory and practice, 4 credits. • Urban ecology and botany, 2 credits. • Design lab / workshop 1, 4 credits. • Design lab / workshop 2, 4 credits. • Design lab / workshop 3, 4 credits. • Historical gardens, 4 CFU • GIS, 4 CFU • Digital drawing, 4 CFU

Three-year bachelor degree is necessary to follow the single seminars and workshops, or equivalent academic qualification obtained at foreign universities.

Deadlines: submission the application form online (https://gomp.uniroma3.it) no later than 25 January 2021,  enrollment before 31 January 2021

Registration fee for the entire Master Course is Euro 4,000.00 to be paid in two rates: the first of Euro 2,000.00 upon admission; the second rate of Euro 2,000.00 within May.

The registration fee for single seminars (see prices below) has to be paid in a single rate at least ten days before the beginning of the course: - Euro 500.00 for the activities of " Landscape representation - observe / recognize / interpret / represent ", 5 CFU and each of the design labs;

  • Euro 400.00 for each of the activities of “Digital drawing”, “GIS”, "Landscape photography - theory and practice" and the seminar “Historical gardens”; 4 CFU

  • Euro 200.00 for each of the activities of Landscape and open space architecture - history and criticism” and "Urban ecology and applied botany"; 2CFU

  • Euro 100.00 for the activities of Elements of landscape design - theory and technique; 1CFU

A stamp of Euro 16.00 must be added to the registration fee and a contribution of €25.00 is required for the Diploma. Registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstance, but if the Master is not activated. Bank wires are not allowed but for abroad students.

Italian academic degree or equivalent from a foreign university is required for registration. The scientific board of the master reserves the right to admit candidates with another degree, as long as it is congruent in terms of educational credits and disciplinary content.

The maximum number of students admitted to the Master is 25 students. The minimum number for the Master to be activated is 10 students.

Candidates will be selected by the Master's Scientific Committee based on cv, qualification and titles. The commission can award up to a maximum of 30 points to be divided as follows: - degree thesis, up to a maximum of 10 points; - publications, related researches and teaching activities, up to a maximum of 10 points; - relevant design experiences, up to a maximum of 10 points. The merit ranking will be communicated to the candidates by e-mail.

The course is held in Rome at the Department of Architecture: via Madonna dei Monti 40 and largo Giovanni Battista Marzi 10.

The course will start by February 2021 and will end by January 2022.

Both Italian and foreign candidates can access the course.

Contact: eugenia.scrocca@uniroma3.it; open@uniroma3.it