3rd cycle post-graduate courses in Cultural Heritage - Knowledge, preservation, development, management

Published at: 8 October 2020


Knowledge, preservation, devolopment,management programme director _ Elisabetta Pallottino fourth edition _ academic year 2020 _ 2021 2 years duration (120 CFU) _ registrations both during the 1st and 2nd year LESSONS _ CONFERENCES _ VISITS _ WORKSHOPS _ TERRITORY LABORATORIES _ INTERNSHIPS

What form of knowledge keeps the objects and the contexts of our cultural heritage alive?How is it transmitted, how does it communicate with other forms of knowledge, and how is it ultimately conveyed to a wider audience?The goal of the present Master is to answer these questions through a new concept of postgraduate education with an aim to bring together, in a contextual territorial vision, the outcomes and results of specific disciplinary competences for the care and management of cultural heritage.

This comprehensive view is arranged according to the recent restructuring of the central and peripheral offices of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiBACT) together with the best practices that have emerged in the field of cultural volunteering organizations. with the patronage of MiBACT and the European University Centre for Cultural Heritagein collaboration with ICOM Italiain agreement with MiBACT, Sovrintendenza ai Beni Culturali - Roma Capitale, CNR, ENEA, FAI, MAXXI,ALES - Arte Lavoro e Servizi S.p.A., Touring Club Italiano, Coopculture, Federculture,Ordine degli Architetti PPC di Roma e Provincia, REXX ROMAEVENTI

Contact: culturedelpatrimonio@uniroma3.it
Eugenia Scrocca

Dipartimento di Architettura application deadline no later than the 14 January 2021
Registration no later than the 20 January 2021
Enrolments open to graduates of the annual master in heritage (Università degli Studi Roma Tre and other Universities) scholarships _ 1 scholarships during the 1st year, 1 scholarship during the 2nd Amount of Master fee: 5.800 Euros

DIPARTIMENTO DI ARCHITETTURA | via Madonna dei Monti, 40, 00184, Roma www.culturedelpatrimonio.it

3rd cycle post-graduate courses in CULTURAL HERTAGE Knowledge, preservation, devolopment,management