3rd cycle post-graduate courses in Architectural restoration and cultural heritage

Published at: 8 October 2020

International 3rd cycle post-graduate courses in Architectural restoration and cultural heritage founder | Paolo Marconi director | Elisabetta Pallottino

XVIII Edition _ academic year 2020-2021

The aim of the Master Course is to train architects specialized in rehabilitation and in restoration of historical architecture. During the Course they will acquire the skills to design in complete accordance with urban and environmental territory in order to give back to the historical centres their magnificent beauty and to restore the multiplicity of identities of Italian Cultural Heritage. From this year's edition, as the first year of the two-year Master in Heritage Cultures, the Master proposes a new educational offer that also aims to train professionals able to organize project work related to the enhancement of cultural heritage in its components legal, economic and managerial. Being a 3rd cycle post-graduate courses, the admission is reserved to students with a Master degree in Architecture, Building Engineering (or corresponding courses in and outside Europe) and the restorers specialized with ICR diploma (or equivalent qualifications).

Teaching programme: The 11-months Master Course will be held from January 2021 to December 2021, except August. The Master Course is divided into 12 weekly modules (one week per month but two intensive weeks in December). Theoretical and methodological lessons, in historical, structural, technical, legal, economic and management context, prepare to carry on a restoration project. Some lessons are planned for the knowledge of BIM programming methods and GIS. Some modules, with practical exercises will concern the structural diagnostics, the consolidation types, the diagnostics of materials and the wooden works techniques of restoration, up to the architectural surfaces and the decorative elements. These modules are organized by specialized companies and will be held by professionals who will give the useful knowledge about materials and restoration techniques for each architectural building considered in its historical development process. The drafting of the project, a fundamental operational moment of the Master's teaching, is conducted within two specific laboratories: the Architectural Design Laboratory and the Economic Design Laboratory.

Stages: the Master provides for 320 hours of stage with partner Institutions or other ones in Italy or abroad, with restoration firms or laboratories suggested by the Master Course teachers or by the students themselves in their place of origin. Public lectures and building construction site visits: during the weeks of teaching, experts, practitioners and employees of many public institutions that have long collaborated with the Master, are invited to give public lectures and to organize visits at building construction sites within their competence, in Rome and in several towns in central Italy.

Informations and Secretary’s office: Eugenia Scrocca, Architecture Department, via Madonna dei Monti 40, 00184, Rome. Phone number: +39.06.57332949; mail: eugenia.scrocca@uniroma3.it; restauroarchitettonico@uniroma3.it

Deadlines: submission the application form online (https://gomp.uniroma3.it) no later than 14 January 2021, enrollment before 20 January 2021 Amount of Master fee: 4.000 Euros to be paid in two installments (20/01/2021 and 31/05/2021).

One scholarship for 2.000 Euros could be awarded, that will be awarded following an interview to students enrolled.