Scholarships by the Chinese Government

Published at: 4 October 2018

Talented Young Scientist Program (TYSP) is an international mobility scheme funded by the Chinese government aimed at cultivating future leading scientists together with other countries.

TYSP promotes cross-border exchanges of excellent young scientists, scholars and researchers. TYSP also enhances cooperation among research institutes, universities and enterprises.

TYSP offers sponsorship for talented young scientist from other countries to work in China on full time basis for 6 or 12 months together with China’s team.

The applicant can submit his own personal information in the website of TYSP in any time of a year. There are four times of examination and approval by the administrational center. Before the application, the applicant should have contact us. We will send the information of related position and qualification requirement. Nominally, other applicant could also apply this position. But the announcer has the right to choose the person, so the communication in advance would be very important.

For further information please see the website.