Full-time Master programme in Spatial Planning

Published at: 4 January 2017

Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Architecture invites registration for the full-time Master programme in Spatial Planning

The Programme in Spatial Planning run at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology is the oldest planning programme in Poland, having started in 1990. We deliver comprehensive planning education at the Masters level, with particular focus on urban and regional planning, strategic planning, transboundary planning, GIS. Our unique profile is formed by simulations of territorial development based on advanced models.

We run the entire programme in English (3 semesters, 90 ECTS). Our full-time programme is accredited by the State Accreditation Commission and is ranked as excellent. It is the only programme in planning in Poland that has got the AESOP quality recognition certificate. Our design and project studios are run in small groups of max. 15 students. There is no tuition fee for students from EU/EFTA countries.

We collaborate with many European universities within the framework of Erasmus Plus; we exchange experience with Polish universities especially Warsaw University of Technology, Gdańsk University of Technology, Cracow, University of Technology, Silesia University of Technology. We offer our students lectures by our colleagues from other European countries as well as international planning workshops. We invite students to participate in the activities of the Polish Society of Planners.

Wrocław University of Technology, which is a public institution, is one of the best technical universities in Poland – over 34.000 students study here under the guidance of 2.000 academic teachers at 16 faculties. It rates high in the annual rankings of Polish universities. More about Wrocław University of Technology you can find at http://pwr.edu.pl/en/university/about-us/general-information.

Wrocław is a vibrant Central European city (650.000 residents), the capital of the region of Lower Silesia, bordering with Germany and the Czech Republic. With its multicultural history and vibrant academic life (100.000 students in the city), it offers a lot of cultural activities, sport facilities and jobs (unemployment rate 3,6% in 2014). In 2016 Wrocław was a European Capital of Culture. More about Wrocław at: http://www.wroclaw.pl/en.

Application deadline is 14th of February 2017 (2:00PM (UTC/GMT+1:00)) – the last day to register online, submit the hard copies of required documents and transfer the application fee.

More about the programme and application process at http://rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl/en2/field-of-study/spatial-management/. **Questions about admission? **E-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl.

The programme starts in the summer semester (late February) and lasts 3 semesters.

PROGRAMME: (L=lecture; Lab=computer lab; PS=project/design studio; C=classes; S=seminar)

1st semester (28 February 2017 - 23 June 2017: 15 weeks of classes, followed by 3 weeks of the exam session 23-06-2017-11-07-2017): Urban Planning 1 (L:30h) Rural Planning (L:15h) Law in Spatial Planning (L:15h) Introduction to Architecture (L:30h) Systems Theory (L:30h) Environmental Studies and Planning (L;15h. PS:45h) Legislative Technique in Planning (L:30h) Models and Simulations in Planning (L:30h; Lab:30h) Optional courses (30h) Optional atelier (L:15h; PS:45h) Foreign language A1/A2 (C:45h) Foreign language B2+ (C:15h)

2nd semester (beginning of October-second half of February: 15 weeks of classes, followed by 3 weeks of the exam session): Urban Planning 2 (L:30h; PS:60h) Planning Theory (L:30h) Legislative Technique in Planning (C:30h) Planning Systems (L:30h) Regional Planning (L:15h, PS:45h) Territorial Marketing (L:15h) Master Thesis Seminar (S:15h) Mathematics (L: 30) Management sciences (to select): Organisation and Management Theory or Legal Environment of the Enterprise (L:30h) Optional courses (30h) Optional Atelier (L:15h; PS:45h)

3rd semester (second half of February-end of June: 15 weeks of classes, followed by 3 weeks of the exam session): Regional Policy (L:30h) Territorial Policy of the EU (L:30h) Optional courses (30h) Optional Atelier (L:15h; PS:45h) Master Thesis Atelier (PS:60h)

Among the optional courses you can find: Aesthetics, Tourism and tourism planning, Introduction to the regional development, Advanced 2D and 3D tools in planning, Heritage planning, Territorial approach in the EU policies, Modern architecture and urban design in the context of historical districts, Art in public spaces.

Among the optional ateliers you can find: Advanced methods for the spatial decision-making processes, Lower Silesia - regional development, GIS-based territorial analysis, Development strategies, Participative planning, Planning for local communities, Transportation analysis and forecasting techniques, Sustainable urban and metropolitan development, Design of public spaces, Adaptive cultural landscape, Planning for Real – Community planning technique, International workshop: Urban dimension.

Upload the flyer: http://rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PWRULOTKAw-1Gospodarka-Przestrzenna28-12-2015netENG.pdf

Questions about the programme? Please contact Director for Studies in Planning, Izabela Mironowicz (contact info in the flyer).

 Full-time Master programme in Spatial Planning