Summer School on the Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems

Published at: 18 April 2016

3rd Summer School of Sustainability


University of Reims, France, 3-8 July 2016

organized jointly by

University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne


Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

The GOSES Summer School is specifically designed not only for doctoral students, but also for pre-docs, post-docs and young scholars, who wish to further explore the governance of socio-ecological systems, discuss cutting-edge research with peers and established scholars alike and develop specific skills such as presenting their own research, developing abstracts and discussing the research of other scholars in the make.

Scientific Committee

Liliana Andonova (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva, Switzerland), Jörg Balsiger (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Frank Biermann (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Michael Cox (Dartmouth College, United States), François Gemenne (Sciences Po, France)


Alice Aureli (International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO), Alice Baillat (Sciences Po, France), Jon Marco Church (University of Reims, France), Michael Cox (Dartmouth College, United States), Roxane de Flore (University of Reims, France), François Gemenne (University of Liege, Belgium), Elizabeth Haber (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Sandra van der Hel (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Virginie Joanne-Fabre (University of Reims, France), Raphaël Mathevet (CNRS, France), Leonardo Orlando (Sciences Po, France), Kari de Pryck (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Jetske Vaas (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)


Social-Ecological Systems - Ecosystems - Environmental Regions - Governance - Scale - Local - Regional - Global - Sustainability - Sociological Approaches - Epistemic Approaches - Integrated Approaches - Diagnostic Frameworks - Boundary Work - Participative Research - Fisheries - Pastures - Forests - Parks - Landscapes - Food Systems - Irrigation Schemes - River Basins - Regional Seas - Mountain Ranges - Oceans - Atmosphere - Biodiversity - Endangered Species


Sustainability Science - Environmental Sciences - Ecology - Biology - Sociology - Political Science - International Relations - Management - Economics - Agronomics - Geography - Planning - Law - Philosophy - any discipline related to ecosystems, society, governance and sustainability




If you are interested in attending, you must inscribe yourself as soon as possible. Inscriptions are on a first-co-me first-serve basis. The deadline for inscriptions is 6 June 2016. If you have already pre-registered, please notice that you need to go through the inscription process and submit your payment in order for your participation to be confirmed. Inscriptions must be submitted on this website