13–15 August, 2009 : Local Authority Planning in Change: Planning and Culture, IV Nordic Planning Research Symposium and PhD course

Published at: 11 April 2009

University of Tromso, Norway
The Symposium will bring researchers, PhD students and practitioners in the field together to explore different aspects of planning and culture. In this international Symposium and PhD course practitioners within the field of planning are invited to reflect upon the relation between planning and culture. It is an invitation to explore also the more interpretive, narrative and discursive approaches to planning. The Symposium aims at exploring the various approaches, dimensions and practices of culture in planning. The Symposium will seek answers to these questions:

* How does the increasing culturalization of social theory affect planning?
* How can culture as everyday life be integrated in planning?
* Planning the multicultural community; challenges and solutions

Contact: Associate Professor Torill Nyseth - Project Coordinator Eva Braaten, PhD student

Categorized as : Intensive courses, summer schools