Parking: An International Perspective (Elsevier)

Published at: 20 December 2019

Most parking research to date has been conducted in Western countries. Parking: An International Perspective is different. Taking a planetary view of urbanism, this book examines parking policies in 12 cities on five continents: Auckland, Bangkok, Doha, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Nairobi, Rotterdam, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Tokyo. Chapters are similarly structured, and contain detailed information about the current parking strategies and issues in these cities. The discussion of parking is placed in the context of transport, mobility, land-use, society, technology, and planning in each of these cities.

Book title: Parking: An International Perspective (1st Edition)


  • Dorina Pojani
  • Jonathan Corcoran
  • Neil Sipe
  • Iderlina Mateo-Babiano
  • Dominic Stead

Publisher: Elsevier