Public Space Unbound: Urban Emancipation and the Post-Political Condition

Published at: 11 June 2018


Through an exploration of emancipation in recent processes of capitalist urbanization, this book argues the political is enacted through the everyday practices of publics producing space. This suggests democracy is a spatial practice rather than an abstract professional field organized by institutions, politicians and movements.

Public Space Unbound brings together a cross-disciplinary group of scholars to examine spaces, conditions and circumstances in which emancipatory practices impact the everyday life of citizens. We ask: How do emancipatory practices relate with public space under ‘post-political conditions’? In a time when democracy, solidarity and utopias are in crisis, we argue that productive emancipatory claims already exist in the lived space of everyday life rather than in the expectation of urban revolution and future progress.

Book Authors: Serjara Aleman, Evangelia Athanassiou, Charis Christodoulou, Barbara Dellwo, Gabriella Esposito de Vita, Lukas Franta, Angelika Gabauer, Alexander Hamedinger, Jeffrey Hou, Matina Kapsali, Maria Karagianni, Sabine Knierbein, Kanerva Kuokkanen, Christine Mady, Stijn Oosterlynck, Emilia Palonen, Stefania Ragozino, Paula Rosa, Monika Salzbrunn, Gilbert Siame, Amila Širbegović, Rob Shields, Tihomir Viderman, Japhy Wilson, Elisabet Van Wymeersch, Andrea Varriale, Regina Vidosa, Vanessa Watson, Burcu Yigit Turan


Public Space Unbound. Urban Emancipation and the Post-Political Condition (Sabine Knierbein and Tihomir Viderman)