Urban Planning Education: Beginnings, Global Movement and Future Prospects

Published at: 25 July 2017

Editors: Frank, Andrea I. and Silver, Christopher
Publisher: Springer, Urban Book Series
Available as ebook ISBN 978-3-319-55967-4 or hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-55966-7, 345 pages, 22 illustrations.


Urban planning education has become a pervasive practice throughout the world as urbanization and development pressures have increased over the past half century, and as demand increased for professional trained experts to guide those processes. The approaches vary widely, based in part upon the discipline from which the planning program developed as well as the context-specific challenges within the country or region where the program resides.

This book examines planning education provision and approaches globally, through a comparative and longitudinal perspective. It explores the emergence of planning education in the 20th century, with its rich variation and yet a remarkable degree of cross-fertilization. Each of the book's three sections (Beginnings, Global Movement, Future Prospects) is framed by an overview essay which has been prepared by the editors to provide the reader with a critical exposure to relevant scholarship drawing on the detailed case studies and exploratory essays on key issues in planning education.