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Call for Interest "Unstable Geographies - Dislocated Publics"

Published at: 16 December 2015

The Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP)

The Thematic Group ‘Public Spaces and Urban Cultures’ (TG PS-UC) / December 2015

The AESOP Thematic Group for Public Spaces and Urban Cultures (AESOP TG PS-UC) has opened a call to potential institutional partners, in Europe and beyond, to host the group’s meeting in the series UNSTABLE GEOGRAPHIES - DISLOCATED PUBLICS, during the period from 2016 to 2018. Previous meetings of the Thematic Group have been organised under the themes of “Conviviality” (2010-2012; in Vienna, Ljubljana, Naples, Brussels, and Lisbon) and “Becoming Local” (2013-2015; in Istanbul, Bucharest, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Glasgow, and Oporto). The new topic UNSTABLE GEOGRAPHIES - DISLOCATED PUBLICS has been developed during the group’s meetings in Prague and Oporto between July and September, 2015. This umbrella topic builds on the group’s approaches and activities aimed to critically reflect upon, analyse, and discuss current trends and tendencies in public spaces and urban cultures in the fields of urban research, design, and planning. If you are interested in hosting an upcoming group’s meeting, please contact us at by 28 February 2016 and include a 2-page description of the project and intellectual framework (including theme, relation to the new topic, budgeting ideas, and institutional partners (including NGOs, and others), motivation).

Becoming Local Glasgow June 2015 SUMMARY

Published at: 31 August 2015

This is a summary of the group's meeting in Glasgow, which took place in JUne 2015 @ Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre, University of Glasgow under the title The Power of Places & The Places of Power
Many thanks to the organizers, presenters and all the participants for making BECOMING LOCAL GLASGOW such a great success!
Becoming Local Glasgow Summary as Pdf

Becoming Local Paris October 2014 SUMMARY

Published at: 30 August 2015

This is a summary of the group's meeting in Paris, which took place in October 2014 @ La Villette School of Architecture under the title Transforming Spaces, Redefining Localities.
Many thanks to the organizers, presenters and all the participants for making BECOMING LOCAL PARIS such a great success!
Becoming Local Paris Summary as Pdf

Becoming Local Vienna August 2014 SUMMARY

Published at: 30 August 2015

This is a summary of the group's meeting in Vienna, which took place on 29 August 2014 @ Vienna University of Technology under the title Planning, Design and Action for Shaping Inclusive Public Spaces.
Many thanks to the organizers, presenters and all the participants for exciting and fruitful debates!
Becoming Local Vienna Summary as Pdf

Call for Abstracts for a special issue in Built Environment: "Public Spaces and Urban Justice"

Published at: 14 April 2015

Following the AESOP TG Public Spaces and Urban Cultures annual meeting Becoming Local Bucharest in June 2014, Matej Nikšič, Gabriel Pascariu and Ceren Sezer initiated a themed issue in Built Environment on "Public Spaces and Urban Justice". The deadline for abstract submission is June 1, 2015. You can find more information about the call in this blog post. For questions, please contact to us from the following e-mail address: . For more information about Built Environment please visit: .

Call for Abstracts: Becoming Local Porto

Published at: 10 April 2015

BECOMING LOCAL PORTO 'Generative Places, Smart Approaches, Happy People'
24th – 25th September, 2015

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto – PORTUGAL

BECOMING LOCAL – Generative places, smart approaches, happy people– is the topic of the 8thCITTA Conference and AESOP Thematic Group on Public Spaces & Urban Cultures event organized by CITTA - Research Center for Territory, Transport and Environment, held at the Faculty of Engineering, Porto University, Portugal, on the 24th-25th September 2015.

The conference aims to investigate and discuss some main topics: (1) Real and virtual boundaries / Physical dimension (2) (Un)successful mediation / Social dimension and (3) Local identities and meanings / Cultural dimension.

Deadline for abstract submission:30 April 2015
Keynote Speakers: Ali Madanipour – (University of Newcastle, UK / Representative AESOP TG - Public Spaces & Urban Cultures); Carlos Fortuna (University of Coimbra, Portugal); Sako Musterd (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

AESOP TG Representatives: Burcu Yigit Turan, Gabriella Esposito de Vita

For more information about the call please visit:

Call for abstracts: Becoming Local Glasgow 'The power of places & the places of power'

Published at: 6 February 2015


THE POWER of PLACES and THE Places of POWER (4-6 June 2015, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Contact person: Georgiana Varna at

Deadline for abstract submission: 1 April 2015
Keynote speakers: Matthew Carmona  (Bartlett School of Planning, UCL) and Panu Lehtovuori (Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture)
AESOP TG Representatives: Celia Ghyka (Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania) and Ceren Sezer (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)

(The event is free of charge, however, we kindly ask you to secure your own travel and accommodation arrangements.)