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Announcement: AESOP Thematic Group “Public Spaces and Urban Cultures”, Meeting with the coordinators of Human Cities Festival

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HUMAN CITIES II: Reclaiming public space

Workshop in LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, 26/27th May 2011

Hosted by Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Trnovski pristan 2, 1000 Ljubljana


The project Human Cities II: Reclaiming public space aims to highlight the values of public spaces in European cities and an understanding of different approaches that contribute to innovative and effective provision of public space in cities. It focuses on the users of public spaces in cities and examines how they experience, interpret and consequently use spaces. Special attention is given to urban equipment, in particular its role in (not) encouraging the activities in public spaces. Public spaces are not understood only as a physical form, but also as a social network to be established between users. Partners involved in the project are coming from Brussels (La Cambre, ProMateria), Milano (Politecnico di Milano), Saint‐Etienne (Cité de design) and Ljubljana (Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – UIRS).

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The project and event is funded with the support from the European Commission – Programme Culture 2007‐

2013, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia.

Intention & structure of the workshop:

Since the project is merging both players from practice and academia, it seems important to promote the approaches from both spheres to complement each other. The workshop focuses on the presentations of Slovenian initiatives that enhance the process of reclaiming the public space with their innovative activities as well as on the scientific approaches in the field of urban design. Therefore the local initiatives were invited to represent themselves in one of Ljubljana parks during the workshop. To highlight the scientific approaches to public space the members of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP – Thematic Group “Public Spaces and Urban Cultures) were invited to participate to the meeting as guests to the workshop.

Two‐day workshop is structured into three sections. Thursday morning is devoted to regular project review and prospective activities. Thursday afternoon is devoted to open‐air presentations of local initiatives from Slovenia and to a public debate related to the role of such initiatives in reclaiming public spaces. Friday is reserved for a study tour of all the partners and invited guests to Slovenian Carst and Coast, where the examples of public spaces will be presented.

The official language of the workshop is English.

Contacts of Human Cities UIRS team:

  • Project leader: Barbara Goličnik Marušić / barbara.golicnik‐;

  • Biba Tominc /; Matej Nikšič /; Nina Goršič /

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