Sustainable Food Planning

Feeding the City/Feeding Cities

Published at: 12 December 2018

The Dutch new town of Almere hosts the 3rd AESOP SFP workshop for PhD students and Young. The conference theme is the role of food in cities. Questions to be asked: Can cities feed themselves? Is it imaginable that cities in the future will
feed their surrounding environment through experimentation and
alternative, sustainable practices? Do we simply have to accept that cities feed
themselves on the global market and on their hinterland, leading to an
unequal division of benefits and costs of environmental problems? In
other words, should we speak of ‘Feeding the City’ or rather of ‘the
Feeding City’?
Download the flyer with detailed instructions here
Template of the short paper and registration form to be downloaded from the SFP website

This conference is open for PhD students and young professionals such as practitioners, civil servants or grassroots activists – both members and non-members of the AESOP ‘Sustainable food planning’ group.

Please send the short papers  before January 15th, 2019 to the following e-mail address:

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