Sustainable Food Planning

Regional Outreach Coordinators

Published at: 25 November 2016

The coordination group of the AESOP Sustainable Food Planning group is looking for regional coordinators. The role will include: helping with outreach for conference calls and publications, encouraging collagues and young academics to be actively engaged in the activities of the group, and/or to liaise with non-academic organisations and groups interested in dissemination and collaboration.

If you would like to put forward your name for this role, please send an email to the chair, Dr Chiara Tornaghi, at the following address: (and in copy to the secretary, Arnold van der Valk, at


Ideally we would like to have people scattered geographically and across disciplines.

If we get too many applications, we will have to select and keep the others in a list for when we will rotate these roles.

To help us decide, please include in your application:

- your name, contact details, role and affiliation. Also, please include: spoken languages (please include only languages that you speak and write fluidly or as native), your main 2-3 disciplinary fields, any membership of academic/professional societies, any membership of grassroots/community groups, any membership of policy/governance boards, and an estimation of your geographical approximate outreach based on your activity in these groups.

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