Resilience and Risks Mitigation Strategies

Call for Abstracts Adattation Futures 2018

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Adaptation Futures 2018 – Dialogues for Solutions – aims to progress discussion and learning within the adaptation community on how to move from problem diagnosis to successful implementation.  What is the community learning about making adaptation work, at different spatial, institutional and time scales, in different geographies, and in different political and economic settings? What are we learning from mistakes, unexpected outcomes and outright failure, as well as our successes?  How does adaption support successful development, and when does it not?

Adaptation Futures 2018 will take advantage of its location in Africa to stimulate critical Southern perspectives on adaptation to inform regional and global policy, practice and research, and to increase the focus on the links between adaptation and sustainable development.

While contributions from all domains of climate adaptation are welcome, AF2018 is especially interested in exploring the following themes:
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