Planning and Complexity

Keynote speakers

18th meeting: Games for Cities


Prof. Juval Portugali

Juval Portugali is Professor of Human Geography at the Department of Geography and the Human Environment Tel Aviv University. He is the Head of the Environmental SimulationLaboratory (ESLab) and of the Environment, Society and Planning Graduate Program of Tel Aviv University. 

His research integrates complexity and self-organization theories, environmental-spatial cognition, urban dynamics and planning in modern and ancient periods. Some of his publications include Complexity, Cognition and the City (2011), Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age (2012) and Information in Cognition (2015).

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Ekim Tan games for cities

Dr. Ekim Tan

Ekim Tan is the founder of the Amsterdam and Istanbul based city design and research network 
‘Play the City'. This network focuses on strategic urban development in emerging countries, and consists of young and ambitious professionals from Cairo to Istanbul to Amsterdam. Her hybrid worldview has been shaped by diverse cultural conditions of the east and west, islam and christianity, poverty and prosperity. Her methods have been applied worldwide, in global cities including Istanbul, Amsterdam, Shenzhen, Tirana, Cape Town, Brussels.

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