Planning and Complexity

Guidelines presentation

16th meeting: Adaptive Planning for Spatial Transformation

General guidelines
The conferences of AESOP's WG on Planning & Complexity are relatively small in size. This serves the aim of having truly interactive sessions with ample room for questions and debates. In support of this aim, we kindly ask you to take into account the following guidelines for your presentation:

  • 10 minutes is available for presenting your work. Extra time will not be granted
  • You can use a Powerpoint/Prezi to support your talk. Please bring a USB-stick to put your files on the computer prior to the start of the session
  • A discussant is assigned to each talk. 

Session setup
For the parallel sessions we will use two formats: 'classic Q&A' and 'station setup'. You can check in the program which format will be used in your session. 

Classic setup
  • Introduction by Track Chair (2min)
  • Presentor 1 (10 min)
  • Response discussant + plenary Q&A (15min)
  • Presentor 2 (10 min)
  • Response discussant + plenary Q&A (15min)
  • Presentor 3 (10 min)
  • Response discussant + plenary Q&A (15min)
  • Closing by Track Chair
Carrossel setup 
  • Introduction by Track Chair (2min)
  • Presentors 1-3 in a row (30 min)
  • Then the presenters visit the 'stations'. These stations are created by grouping the audience in small groups. Every presenter visits each group to discuss his/her work, starting with the group in which his/her discussant is located (10 mins per group).
  • The discussant is expected to kick-off the Q&A. 
  • Presenters reporting back on the input they received + plenary Q&A  (20 min).
  • Closing by Track Chair