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16th meeting: Adaptive Planning for Spatial Transformation

Published at: 7 July 2017

Searching for Effective Strategies in a Context of Change, Interdependency and Uncertainty
May 23th-25th, 2018, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Conference program is available online
Registration deadline: 15th of april, 2018

This conference explores how interactions between the complexity sciences and the discipline of planning can result in effective strategies for urban planning in a world of change.
Cities and urban regions worldwide face a series of pressures and challenges, such as global warming, migration flows, technological innovations, processes of globalization and geopolitical shifts. A crucial question for spatial planners and governance experts is what strategies are effective in supporting cities and regions in remaining vital places under this context of change.

How to boost quality of life, reduce social inequalities, support urban developments and transformations, and balance environmental sustainability and economic development in a fuzzy, dynamic world dominated by both foreseen and unforeseen changes?

Highlights of the conference

  • Four keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Michael Batty, Prof. dr. Jean Hillier, Prof. dr. Juval Portugali and Prof.dr. Gert de Roo.
  • A half-day workshop with spatial planners of the province of Groningen
  • Interactive sessions and paper discussions involving 27 presenters!