Public Spaces and Urban Cultures

Group meetings . The members of the AESOP Thematic Group on Public Spaces and Urban Cultures meet annually to discuss and develop approaches proposed under the group’s working topic. These meetings mostly take form of workshops/seminars/conferences accompanied by a fieldtrip in duration of two days, and also provide an environment for engaging in a peer-to-peer discussion on the participants’ research and design projects. The meetings are organized by various types of institutions, which submit their declaration of interest for hosting an event based on the call’s theme, in close collaboration with at least one group member.

The members of the group would like to extend their sincerest thanks to institutions and colleagues that have hosted the group’s events so far: Istituto di Richerche sulle Attivià Terciarie, National Research Council, Italy; Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space, Department for Spatial Planning, Faculty for Architecture and Planning, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Human Cities Symposium Organizers, Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta and ProMateria, Brussels, Belgium; Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal; Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey; UN Habitat World Urban Forum, Medellin, Colombia; Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest, Romania; La Villette School of Architecture, Paris, France. 

For questions concerning the organization of the meetings please e-mail to:

Annual Report for 2018

Published at: 17 July 2019

Annual Report for 2018
Organized by Stefania Ragozino, Burcu Yigit Turan, and Mohamed Saleh, in collaboration with further TG members
During 2018, the group was coordinated by Gabriella Esposito De Vita and Ceren Sezer

Annual Report for 2017

Published at: 20 July 2018

Annual Report for 2017Organized by Stefania Ragozino, BurcuYigitTuran, and Mohamed Saleh, in collaboration with further TG members

Join us in Amsterdam Meeting 2018

Published at: 13 April 2018

Re-learning public space: an action-research event to develop an alternative city guide of Amsterdam (June 28-30, 2018)

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About the AESOP TG Public Spaces and Urban Cultures’

The AESOP Thematic Group on Public Spaces and Urban Cultures has been initiated after the Annual Meeting of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) in Liverpool (UK) in 2009. In April 2010 the initiative has been recognized as a new thematic group Public Space and Urban Cultures by AESOP. In 2015, the group has decided on self-organized management structure:

AESOP Thematic Group for Public Spaces and Urban Cultures – Self-Organized Management Network

A. Group Coordination

2019-2021 Ceren Sezer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) and Christine Mady (Notre Dame University - Louaize, Lebanon)
2021-2023 Christine Mady (Notre Dame University - Louaize) and secondary volunteer is to be elected 
B. Research Affairs
2019-2021 Sara Santos Cruz (University of Oporto); Nikolai Roskamm (University of Applied Sciences Erfurt); Nadia Charalambous (University of Cyprus), Sabine Knierbein (TU Vienna)
C. Public Relations 
2019-2021 Tihomir Viderman (TU Vienna); Stefania Ragozino (CNR-IRISS National Research Council of Italy); Mohamed Saleh (University of Groningen)

Advisory Board Ali Madanipour (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK); Sophie Watson (Open University, UK); Sabine Knierbein (TU Vienna); Gabriella Esposito De Vita (CNR-IRISS National Research Council of Italy).

The Aesop Thematic Group for Public Spaces and Urban Cultures has been founded upon an initiative of Sabine Knierbein, Ceren Sezer and Chiara Tornaghi in 2010. The aim of the group is to settle the research and design focus on Public Spaces and Urban Cultures in planning-related disciplines. For more information about the thematic group, please visit the group’s official blog: For questions please send an e-mail to:

Coordinated by: Dr. Gabriella Esposito De Vita