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New Google and LinkeIin pages

Published at: 14 October 2015

Dear all, 

We have a googlegroup and LinkedIn page now:


Best Mendel

The challenges presented by Climate Change are becoming more pressing as time continues. And as international negotiations are in a deadlock, cities are taking the lead in climate adaptation and mitigation. These are the places where the impact and associated cost of climate change will be greatest. However as prime sources of greenhouse gasses and polluting activities, they also offer the greatest potential for change. More and more researchers are joining the search for more sustainable and healthy cities and it is important for the planning community to be a part of this movement. By collaborating and sharing knowledge we can genuinely influence the cities of tomorrow. 

We currently have a googlegroup and linked in group:

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact me.

Mendel Giezen

Coordinated by: Dr Mendel Giezen