Resilience and Risks Mitigation Strategies


ResilienceLAB |
REsilienceLAB is constituted as a network of people working on sustainability issues, adaptation, urban and territorial resilience with different looks and approaches.
The network aims to support the promotion of actions and strategies of resilience.

Website hosted by UNISDR with a vast amount of information and resources related to disaster risk reduction, climate change and resilience.

Guiding Principles for City Climate Action Planning from UN HABITAT

Published at: 11 December 2017

Recently UN-HABITAT and some of its partners have collaborated to produce a set of guidlines for national and local authorities who are striving to make cities more climate resilient. Details cane found via this link:

New UNISDR Guidebooks released

Published at: 15 June 2017

UNISDR has recently released consultative versions of three new guidebooks related to disaster risk reduction, including one specifically focussed on Land Use and Urban Planning. RRMS member, Dr. Cassidy Johnson, Development Planning Unit, UCL UK, has been instrumental in the preparation of these guidelines.

RRMS Group on Linkedin

Published at: 7 December 2015

In order to facilitate faster and better communication between AESOP members with an interest in Resilience and Risks Mitigation Strategies a new...