Ethics, Values and Planning

Seminar: ‘New Spaces of Inequality’

Published at: 16 December 2015

Thematic Group seminar: ‘New Spaces of Inequality’, 23 February 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Thematic Group 'Ethics, Values & Planning' organizes its first seminar: ‘New Spaces of Inequality’
. The theme of inequality is proposed in light of its prominence in the previous two AESOP congresses’ tracks on ethics & justice in planning. 

During this seminar, the theme of inequality will be discusses in its broadest form – economic, social, formal and substantive, up to gender and intergenerational inequality – and we position it in the context of the contemporary European city. To what extent does urban inequality constitute a moral problem; when does it become a concern for urban policies and governance and how do we qualify, investigate and tackle the inequalities relevant to urban planning?

Our ambition is to arrive at the end of the seminar motivated by what we envision as a focussed and inspiring exchange of ideas, and to agree on an agenda for possible future initiatives and new forms of collaboration among the seminar’s attendants.

We warmly invite everyone with interest to participate in the seminar to apply by sending an e-mail to contact person: Jeroen Bastiaanssen (

By joining the seminar, each attendant commits to present a short pitch relevant to this proposed theme, and to contribute to stimulate the following discussion.

The seminar is hosted by Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and will take place at the GAIA Building, Conference Room GAIA 1 - Droevendaalsesteeg 3, 6708PB, Wageningen.

For any support and information you may need in relation to your attendance, please relate to the above mentioned e-mail address.


The Just City: A Roundtable

Published at: 21 January 2015

Moderators Claudia Basta (Wageningen University) and Stefano Moroni(Milan Technical University) report on the round table discussion. Panel members: Michael Gunder, University of Auckland ● Francesco Lo Piccolo, University of Palermo ● Raine Mantysalo, Aalto University ● Alan March, University of Melbourne ● Tore Sager, Trondheim University of Science and Technology.

This TG is based on the contention that research into planning raises ethical issues which are distinctive enough to warrant more attention than the routine references to standard social science discussions which are the usual responses of research monographs and doctoral theses.

Coordinated by: PhD Claudia Daniela Basta