Awards of 2012

2012 Excellence in Teaching Award to Anlı Ataöv (METU, Ankara)

Published at: 16 July 2012

AESOP is happy to award the Excellence in Teaching Prize 2012 to the Department of City and Regional Planning of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

We would like to congratulate Anlı Ataöv and his colleagues: Duygu Cihanger, Funda Erkal and Ender Peker who are the 2012 winners for the course “Planning Studio”.  This award recognises the important contribution the course makes through its critical and constructive approach to planning teaching as an instrument for achieving local responses to the global issues in such difficult times.

2012 Best Published Paper Award to John Punter

Published at: 16 July 2012

John Punter for the paper
“Urban Design and the English Urban Renaissance 1999–2009: A Review and Preliminary Evaluation”
Journal of Urban  Design.  16:1, 1-41


2011 AESOP Best Published Paper Prize

Published at: 17 October 2011

The winners of the 2011 Best Published Paper Prize is:

Roitman, S., Webster Ch., Landman, K. (2010), ‘Methodological frameworks and interdisciplinary research on gated communities’,  International Planning Studies, 15(1): 3–23.

The final nominated short list was the following:

Roitman, S., Webster Ch.,, Landman, K. (2010), Methodological frameworks and interdisciplinary research on gated communities. International Planning Studies, 15(1): 3–23.

Meth P. (2010), Unsettling Insurgency: Reflections on Women’s Insurgent Practices in South Africa. Planning Theory & Practice, Vol. 11, No. 2, 241–263, June 2010.

Wu F., He S., Webster Ch. (2010), Path dependency and the neighbourhood effect:  urban poverty in impoverished neighbourhoods in Chinese cities. EPA January 42 (1) 134.

Wetering J. van de, Wyatt  P., (2010) Measuring the carbon footprint of existing office space. Journal of Property Research Vol. 27, No. 4, December 2010, 309–336.

AESOP Excellence in Teaching Prize 2011

Published at: 9 July 2011

Joanne Tippett, School of Environment and Development of the University of Manchester, for the Settlement Project module;
Frank Moulaert and colleagues, ASRO Department of the KU Leuven, for the coordination of the European Module in the Spatial Development Planning Network.